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.. All Kriscross Puppies have our life time support and we can be contacted at anytime. If circumstances change and a Kriscross dog needs rehoming we must be contacted and given a little time to ensure a suitable new home is found..
26 July 2017 
          Kriscross La Reina -Natural Bobtail              X           Kriscross Salvador
                                                           Both Parents Health Tested
                             Generations of Heart Certified Dogs that we have personally owned and Tested
                                                                  You can view "Indi" on site
                                                     Maddy  X  Cooper Litter  26 July 2017
Proud Owners:
Staying at Kriscross:  Kriscross Pep A Rona "Indi"  Main Reg
D&J Thiselton : Kriscross Donatello "Bruce" Limited Reg
S.Stewart & L.Walker : Kriscross Blissful Bess  "Bess"  Limited Reg
A.Mee : Kriscross Rebel Rowser  "Oakley"  Limited Reg
P.J. Maddison : Kriscross Regal Prince "Chester"  Limited Reg
D&J Baker : Kriscross De Angelo  "Dexter"  Limited Reg
17 August 2015 
          Kriscross La Reina -Natural Bobtail               X           Isacco Di Soragna (Imp Italy)
                                                          Both Parents Health Tested
                                                                  Dam : (DM) Negative /24hr Holter
                                                       You can view 'Fonzy" & "George Jr" on site
                                                   Maddy  x  Zac  Litter 17 August 2015
 Proud Owners:
Staying at Kriscross: Kriscross Geronimo "Fonzy"=Main Register
B.Noar/Kriscross: Kriscross Giovanni "George Jr"=Main Register
A.Thompson: Kriscross Miss La Raina "Molly"= Limited Register
S.Smith/C.Hoptroff: Kriscross Edwardo "Gus"= Limited Register
G.Setter/T.McCourt: Kriscross Konsantino 'Charlie"=Limited Register
A.Senyard/A.Chorley: Kriscross Zachariah "Cooper'=Limited Register
31st December 2012
       Infanta de La Finca Sapho (Imp Spain)       X   George de La Finca Sapho (Imp Spain)
                                                                 Both Parents Health Tested
                                                                   Results displayed on their own pages on site
                                                                 This Litter is (ARVC)  Negative by parentage.
                                       This Litter is our second planned mating with Full European Lines.
                                                                You can View  "Hudson" & "Infinity" on site
                                         Infanta x George Litter   31st December 2012
                                                                       Puppy Album 1
                                                                       Puppy Album 2
Proud Owners:
K. Lamp:   Kriscross Infa Royale  "Roy" = Limited Register
A. Holzingger:  Kriscross Infantino  "Jackson" = Limited Register
D & J Balaam:  Hugo (White Male)
L Carolan :  Ignacia  (White Female)
Staying At Kriscross: Kriscross Te Adoro Piero
Staying At Kriscross: Kriscross Infa Red

1st  November 2012
               Kriscross Miss Calandria              x          Isacco Di Soragna (Imp Italy)
                                                        Both Parents Health Tested
                                                                  Dam (ARVC) & (DM) Negative
                                         Calli  &  Zac's Litter  1st November 2012 
                                                                      Puppy Album
Proud Owners:
S. Wiles & Kriscross: Kriscross Di Anna  "Bonny"  Main Register
Kriscross & Bradley Koster:  Kriscross Salvador "Cooper"  Main Register
S. Gilmore:  Kriscross Gustarvo " Gus" = Limited Register
K Simes:  Kriscross De Metrio "Keogh"= Limited Register

23rd January  2012
    Happy de La Finca Sapho (Imp Spain)        X     Marc del Benicadell (Imp Spain to US)
                                                                Both Parents Health Tested
                                                This Litter is (ARVC) & (DM) Negative by parentage.
                                     This Litter is our first planned mating with Full European Lines.
                                                You can View "KC", "Brax" & "Tori" on site
                                      Happy & Marc's Litter  23rd January 2012 
Proud Owners:
Staying At Kriscross:  Kriscross Te Queiro Tobiano  "Brax"= Main Register
Staying At Kriscross:  Kriscross Te Ador Isabella  "Tori" = Main Register
Wilbery Boxers & Kriscross:   kriscross Te Amo Casanova  "KC"= Main Register
J & S Townsend:  Kriscross Con Amor Clay  "Clay"= Limited Register
S Flounders:  Turbo (White Male) Desexed
 23rd January  2012
          Looje Sargent Peppers       X       George de La Finca Sapho (Imp Spain)
                                                  Both Parents Health Tested
                                    Results displayed on their own pages on site
                                  Pepper & George's Litter 23rd January 2012
Proud Owners:
D & C Alomes:  Kriscross El Paso  "Floyd" = Limited Register
P & J Maddison:  Kriscross Ulysses  "Harley" = Limited Register
D Addlem:  Kriscross Peps Alfa Romeo  "Rodney" = Limited Register
R Thorn:  Kriscross Rafa Nadel  "Raffa" = Limited Register
A Thorn:  Kriscross Muhammad Ali  "George" = Limited Register
Kriscross & Parents:  Kriscross La Riena  "Maddy" = Main Register

17th June 2011 
       Kriscross QT Pretty Impressed             X       Marc del Benicadell (Imp Spain to US)
                                   Both Vicky & Marc had been thoroughly Health Tested 
                (ARVC) Negative, (DM) Negative, Thyroid tested and both 0 PVCs 24hr Holter Test
                                                     Marc Hips(HD): A1 (BK Germany)
                                            This Litter is (ARVC) & (DM) Negative by parentage.
                                              Vicky & Marc's Litter 17th June 2011  
                                                                Update Photo's 
Proud Owners:
B Koster :  Kriscross Deutsch Marc  "Bruce" =Limited Register
A Bennett:  Kriscross Que Te Senorita " Zali" = Limited Register
O Ball:  kriscross Harfa Marc  "Makula" = Limited Register
D Simmons & Kriscross:  Kriscross Dejay Vue Que T = Main Register


8 April  2010 
         Looje Sargent Peppers                 X     George de La Finca Sapho (Imp Spain)
                                                          Both Parents Health Tested 
                                         Results displayed on their own pages on site
                                                  Pepper & George's Litter April 2010
                                                                Puppy Gallery 2
Proud Owners:
C & K Ackland:  Kriscross Ina Tizzi  "Marcia" = Limited Register
J & M  Bone:  Kriscross Grand Duchess "Sumo" = Limited Register
T Spehr:  Kriscross Acoustic Shadow  "Blade" = Limited Register
J & B Baumington:  Kriscross Al Capone " Arny" = Limited Register
L & A McDonald:  Kriscross Prince Albert  "Alfred" = Limited Register
K Harney:  Kriscross Rico Tinto  "Luke" = Limited Register
Nardia & Scott:  Kriscross Balderdash  "Darby" = Limited Register


12 May 2009 
                Kriscross Ima Q Tee                 X       George de La Finca Sapho (Imp Spain)
                                                              Both Parents Health Tested
                                                   Results displayed on their own pages on site
                                           Sophie & George's Litter 12 May 2009
Proud Owners:
S Wiles & Kriscross:  Kriscross Miss Calandria  "Cali" = Main Register
Staying at Kriscross:  Kriscross QT Pretty Impressed  "Vicky" = Main Register
C & A Newman:  Kriscross Who's Ya Daddy  "Dudley" = Limited Register
M Lazarus:  Kriscross Got My Wish  "Taj"= Limited Register
S Parker:  kriscross Ya In My Dreams QT  "Taeya"= Limited Register
T Durdin:  Kriscross QT Made Ya Look  "Suri"= Limited Register
L & A McDonald:  Kriscross Georgies Dunit  "Norman"  = Limited Register


5th October  2007 
             Kriscross Ima Q Tee                   X    Elmo Van Sapho's Hoeve (Imp Belgium )
                                                Both Parents Health Tested
                                           Elmo resides at Boxberry Boxers
                                         Sophie & Elmo's Litter  5 October 2007
Proud Owners:
D. Simmons & Kriscross:  Kriscross Misya Q Tee  "Abby"  Main Register (Desexed)
P & T Felici:  Kriscross Q Tee Imprint  "Monte"= Limited Register
P & T Felici:  "Rollie"  (White Male) = Desexed
A & P Laforgia:  Kriscross Im Red Hot  "Omar"= Limited Register
K Bates:  Kriscross Im Impressed  "Bruno"= Main Register (Desexed)



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