"" Information About The White Boxer ""
We hope the following information will help with any myths that you may have heard about the White Boxer.
There is NO clinical evidence that shows that the White Boxer is a higher risk for health problems.
(The Boxer breed in general can suffer from Cancer , Thyroid & Heart problems)
White Boxers are no different to their colored litter mates. Their White coat colour is determained by genetic factors (dominent genes) that is passed down when both father & mother are carries of the gene.
eg:  Crossing two Flashy marked Boxers.
They still come from fully Health tested parents.
The Boxer Breed standard stipulates that (2/3) of the body be either Brindle or Red, so no more than (1/3) of white and because of this White Boxers do not meet the breed standard and are not eligable for registration. So cannot be shown in the conformation ring but can successfully do obedience or agility.
White Boxers are NOT albino's. They have white colour hair and do have pigmentation, colored eye's, sometimes coloured patches and black spots.
(Albino's lack any pigmention and have pink eyes.)
White Boxers are more prone to sun burn but in saying this " No dog should be left in the hot sun with no shade"
A small percentage of White Boxers are born deaf, deafness is when the cells of the skin lining the ear canals lack pigment. This can be picked up early during the vet checks before puppies go to new homes.
White Boxers make great family pets and can give alot of joy to any family and display the wonderful boxer personality that we love.
Do we breed for the purpose of White's NO, but we will not ignore their presence when they do appear they have just as much right to live a good life.



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